Happy Sliding

I suppose you could say, I am a conditioning junkie. I love workouts that require a lot of strength and conditioning which result in feeling as if I have nothing left in the tank.

4 responses to “Happy Sliding

  1. First of all thanks for your time and sharing your knowledge. I looked on Mikeboyles Site and couldn’t find a thing on slideboarding. Also Mikes latest Post issue # 20 wouldn’t load. Lastly your links don’t seem to flow into one another directly. Perhaps, number them. I’m looking forward to finding a lot of great stuff here. Nick says so. 🙂 My best to you in your endeavors to go from fit to physique competitor. Don’t worry about you’re receiving comments from me. You’re giving and I intend to give back whatever I can. thanks, gene

    • Hi Gene, Thanks for taking interest in my site and for your post. Mike Boyle’s site is a paid website/membership, so perhaps that is why his information would not load for you (but a great site full of info and worth the small investment). As for the the layout of the content, I am learning a bit as I go about the web stuff! ha …the pages will be easier to navigate soon 🙂 Thank you for your encouragement in my training and check back soon! -Alli

  2. Hi Alli,
    I am enjoying reading about your progress and the different approaches you are taking with Nick’s programs. Keep posting you are helping the rest of us who are stalled in our goals by making us think outside the box. Please post your lower body routine. thanks!

    • Hi Mary! So glad to hear you are enjoying the reading and training information, my hopes exactly! I will be posting many things about lower body routines (and more for the upper too) soon. I do have one article on unilateral training for the legs on Figure Athlete if you have not seen that yet. Check back and keep me posted on your training progress too! Best, Alli

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