Back to Business!

Well, back from vacation and back to business! I didn’t deprive myself on the cruise nor did I go crazy on the drinks and goods. I did manage to hit the gym just about every day we were there for either a lift or cardio session. My goals on the cruise were to maintain my status and hit the ground running when we returned. That is what I did!

As I mentioned, back to business Monday. I have 11 weeks until show time. At the moment, I am operating on a carb cycle: two days with little to no carbs (with the exception of what’s in my fibrous vegetables) and then day three, I’m allowed carbs such as oat bran, brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc. So what else do I consume? Eggs, lean protein sources, fibrous vegetables, almonds, protein shakes and a few other basics.

So here goes this week’s training thus far…I took the day off on Monday to recover from a little jet lag and just get my diet extra tight again. Tuesday was a lower body day and Wednesday was upper. Again, we are undulating the program so the sets, rep ranges and weights will continue to work the different systems, develop all muscle fibers and keep the workouts fresh for not only my enjoyment, but more importantly, my body‘s results. We are even going as far as to undulate my conditioning relative to my strength workouts. I will elaborate more on this as we go.

Tuesday was leg day; we went heavy! The workout was as follows:

  • A dynamic warm up
  • Reverse lunges, 5 sets x 6-8 reps per leg. I used a weighted barbell for the load. Placed my front foot on a plate for a little extra elevation. I also performed all reps on one leg, then the other, making sure I was slow on the eccentric motion.
  • Forward Lunge, 4-5 sets x 8 reps per leg. Due to my minor grip limitations (broken pinky) we put a 20lb weight vest on me and I held 35 lb dumbbells as well. The objective for these forward lunges was to really focus on using my heel on the forward foot to land and push off of the lunge–this really helps to target the glutes. Nick was again reminding me to control the eccentric movement for more work load.
  • After we finished our lunges, we superset leg extensions and leg curls to isolate, fatigue and really bring out the shape of the legs. 3 sets were performed with 8-12 reps each.
  • Lastly, my conditioning consisted of resisted sprints of roughly 30-40 yards, performed 6 times.

Wednesday was a challenging and fun upper body day and man were my arms pumped and shaking my the end. We worked on higher rep schemes today which consisted of drop sets.

  • We started off with two sets of a push up circuit: decline push ups (feet about 2-3 ft off the ground), followed immediately by traditional pushups and finished with incline push ups to burn out. (I was happy to say, I performed 31 decline, 15 regular and 10 incline push ups on my first set for a total of 56…“very impressive” says my trainer!)
  • Nick adds “active rest” into many workouts which consist of balance, flexibility, core, rotator cuff work, etc. to rest an area just worked but still accomplish other necessary and beneficial areas of training. My pushups were superset with some light rear delt work (scar crows) and rotator cuff work (external rotations) with a light band.
  • After the push up circuit I performed 3 sets of a DB shoulder press drop set. The first half was 8-10 reps, the second effort was 8-12 reps. This was coupled with oblique work.
  • We then hit Back with 2 sets of a close grip lat pull down drop set coupled with more ab work.
  • Lastly, we finished the strength work with combination of bent over row and RDL’s. Two sets, 8-10 bent over rows followed by 8-10 RDL’s and finished with 6 bent over rows again.
  • Conditioning was left out today. I was toast!!

I think that about wraps it up for now. Stay tuned for more. I will be posting some of my favorites including workout gear, recipes, music that gets me pumped for different activities and of course, more training!! Feel free to throw a question or comment out if there is something you’d like to know!


6 responses to “Back to Business!

  1. Sounds awesome Alli! Keep up the awesome work.

    Gotta get into the gym to see you guys sometime soon, it’s been way too long.

  2. really love the blog, i want to do your workouts!!!!!

    • Thanks Carrie! You CAN do my workouts! Follow on here for ideas or join me on a Saturday at Ground Control…we can figure sommething out 😉

  3. Even though I was there for every workout, I love reading your posts!
    You are just as good of a writer as you are a girlfriend!
    We are gonna knock’em dead at this show!

  4. Woot Wooot Nick! We are going to show ’em what hard work looks like! p.s. I must be a world class writer than because I am a world class GF 😉

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