It Feels So GOOD to Feel GREAT!

Today was a fabulous day for an outdoor workout! I took the day off from lifting to allow my legs two full days before hitting them hard again. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity however to enjoy the gorgeous San Diego-like weather today in Baltimore so I went for a 5 mile jog. I couldn’t ask for a better run.. Blue skies, pure sunshine, warm dry weather, calm breeze, good music and no aches and pains!! It feels so good to feel so great!

I am very grateful that despite my back injury, bum shoulder at times and broken pinky, everything has been feeling healthy and strong lately! I often wish I could capture in writing just how great it feels during a workout. I love the endorphins, the mental release, the personal time, the outdoor scenery, the sweat, I could go on and on.

If I could recommend something to anyone, it is to find a passion and pursue a goal! An old friend of mine from high school mentioned that she was teetering back and forth about doing a marathon. I say DO IT! Whether your goal is a physique competition, an endurance race, an MMA fight, ANYTHING, I say DO IT! The reward of the accomplishment is so grand. Not to mention you will learn so much about yourself through the process. When training for a specific performance goal, there is often a distinct start and finish, an end result and a date in mind when training comes to a conclusion and it‘s show time! It’s not the finish line however but the journey to get there where the satisfaction lies everyday.

Nick’s mom said something on the way home from our cruise that really rang true. She said “those with an expectation are focused on the end result, those with an intention are focused on the journey.” It is the intention that you want because that intention will give you the dedication, consistency and hard work that you need in order to achieve.

It’s so rewarding to challenge yourself each day. Each day there is a start and finish. You wake up, you eat right, you train right, you do the necessary requirements to be the best you can be. Then you have arrived at your daily finish line successfully and start again the following day. Each day you cross the finish line. As each day accumulates upon one and other, you then have a successful week, a successful month and before you know it, you’ve made major strides in becoming a better athlete. You have instilled discipline and hard work one day at a time. You’re bound to see progress and let me tell you, it feels GREAT!

So Carly, train for that marathon! Cameron, prepare for that MMA fight. Girls, keep on keeping on with the Figure shows. Be patient with yourself. Set your vision, pick a date, line up your training goals and DO IT! The human body is a miraculous machine and is built to adapt and perform. When you look back at the gains you’ve made and “what you can do now that you couldn’t do then“, it will fill you up with fulfillment!

Are you up for a journey, a physical challenge and a chance to grow from a new learning curve? 😉


4 responses to “It Feels So GOOD to Feel GREAT!

  1. My current training goal is to do 1000 bicep curls in the squat rack.

  2. I will keep training! 😉 thanks for the shoutout.

    So proud of you and love the blog. It totally inspires me! Especially after coming back from a wild labor day weekend. . . .


  3. Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

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