Go Beyond Your Cardio Workout

Research has shown that a mixture of rep schemes is the most effective way to build a solid foundation of muscle for both sports and physique. We also have various energy systems, a long term, mid term and short term energy system. It’s important to stimulate all three energy systems for a metabolic response as well as the variety, which prevents adaptation and stagnation. This technique also mixes up the intensity levels for each session.

As mentioned in a previous post, my strength workouts are undulated, which means I rotate each workout with a specified set and rep scheme. Nick has paired those certain strength days with the appropriate conditioning workouts. First and foremost, it matches the energy system for that day; higher endurance strength days will have longer duration for conditioning (endurance).

Second, the higher endurance strength workouts will require less time to complete and so it works well to use that remaining time for longer cardio. On heavier and more intense workouts, due to the high volume of sets and rest, it requires more time for the strength aspect and less time for conditioning. However, make no mistake, those shorter conditioning days are more intense (much like the strength work) so we only need 4-8 minutes for tabatas, sprints, etc.

Both upper body (A) and lower body (B) days are undulated. Upper body has three different workouts as does lower body for a total of 6 different workouts before we ever repeat.

Over the next few days, I will be posting the three different schemes we use as well as some details as to how and why!

Have a great Labor Day weekend and a HAPPY HAPPY Wedding Day tomorrow to FRESH KARAT’S SUZANNAH STOLBA!


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