I just want to comment on the fact that it’s not always easy to stick to a diet. If it was easy, everyone would do it. It takes a strong mind, commitment, prioritizing and desire. We must look beyond that moment of instant taste gratification or convenience and keep focus on the bigger picture, our goal.

Although I knew this before, I was reminded of that the night Nick and I were at the Kings of Leon concert (great show by the way!!) To put it mildly, I was very hungry at the concert and failed to bring any snacks. The only choices available were beer, pit beef sandwiches and a few others which were not on my diet friendly list–hmm, imagine that.

For a moment, and just a moment, I felt slightly annoyed about my diet restrictions. I quickly got my mind right, reminded myself of the bigger picture and figured I had two choices: 1. To give in to my hunger and annoyance with the less than acceptable food choices for training and getting lean, or 2. To choose to suck it up, hold out for my protein shake and stay the course.

The decision was simple and obvious but it’s not always easy on the follow through. It’s a mental game. As I got into the show, my hunger was soon forgotten. What lasted however, was the feeling of having faced a moment and choosing not to cave. It sounds so minor, but it’s a pretty empowering feeling when we get through those moments, big or small.

We meet these choices frequently throughout our everyday, no matter what our training goal and drive. We also meet these moments to persevere on the gym floor when we’re pushing through the last set and we feel like we have nothing left. It’s a matter of choosing to conquer each obstacle one at a time whether it’s a diet choice or a training effort.

Our mind will give in before our body does. Check back tomorrow for more on mental toughness…this is what separates the successful and eliete from the rest!


5 responses to “Choices

  1. You are killing it with this blog, Alli. Awesome stuff, keep it up!

  2. Just found your blog via Nick’s today and just wanted to say keep up the excellent posts! I am struggling with my goal to do my first figure show and have had to postpone it from November of this year to next season. I will be visiting often for inspiration 🙂

  3. Hey Nicole! Thanks for the post 🙂 I’m pleased you are enjoying the blog. Hang in there with your training. It takes time. Feel free to email me with any questions and or keep me posted with your progress! Best of luck to you and come back to the blog often!! -alli

  4. Hi Alli, This is Chris Goodman. We met during FACT during one of your boyfriends lecture.( I had the quad strain/knee injury) You were preparing for your first competition. I was wondering how you did and if you had fun!

    I have my Pro-Qualifier in two weeks here in Iowa. . I just found your blog and will be poking around! Just wanted to say “hi”.

    • Hey Chris!! I remember exactly who you are! Thanks for saying hello I had a great time at my last show and obviously caught the bug to do more! I wish you the best of luck and lots of fun in your upcoming Pro-Qualifier show! Please keep me posted on your success and training experiences. Check back often and stay in touch, Alli

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