Want a Chiseled Physique? SPRINT!

Let’s talk about sprinting!! This is the last component to my “high intensity workouts.” As I mentioned previously, we always hit the pavement for sprints on my heavy leg days. We do this because they are explosive, anaerobic, great for EPOC and fat loss plus so many other great benefits.

There is a GREAT article on sprint intervals and the science behind them, the benefits of doing them and ‘how to’ by Loki on bodybuilding.com which can be found here. The article is titled, “Sprinting: The Purest, Most Powerful, Physique-Shaper in an Athlete’s Arsenal.” I think that is a Bad A$$ title and I couldn’t agree more! Check out the article, they do a fantastic job covering all bases on why sprinting is killer for your system and a must in physique training.

So! Back to my sprint workout on Tuesday which consisted of :

  • Eight max-effort sprints, roughly 50- 55 yards, followed by four max-effort sprints for roughly 35-40 yards. (We measured the distance with steps / eyeballing and then marked the “track” with cones).
  • My goal was to accomplish the 50 yard sprint under 8 seconds, which I completed each one between 7.0 and 7.6 seconds (yes, even my 8th sprint).
  • The shorter sprints took me between 5.2 and 5.4 seconds to complete.
  • We aimed for a 1:8 ratio of work to rest. I walked back to the start line each time between sprints and started again when I was feeling about 80% recovered and able to breathe normal again.


Check out the sprint article on bodybuilding.com and if you’re not sprinting as part of your conditioning, I highly suggest you start incorporating them. Take a look at the physique of an Olympic sprinter, when was the last time you saw one who wasn’t chiseled??


2 responses to “Want a Chiseled Physique? SPRINT!

  1. Great blog, Alli! I check out both your blog and Nick’s on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing your training knowledge.

    I too have found that short distance sprints (40-50 meters) have significantly contributed to building muscle mass and decreasing body fat.

    Keep up the great work and good luck with your goals.

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