Coming Soon!

I want to clarify the “high intensity” titles in my previous posts. If it gives any false impressions to you readers, I titled the “high intensity” series as such because it is highly intense on our nervous system between the heavy load, low rep ranges and the anaerobic bursts for conditioning. However, there are two other schemes that we work into my undulating training cycle and they are by no means “moderate or low intensity.” Everything we do is high intensity when it comes to effort and output. What you will see in the upcoming posts will display my training & conditioning on mid-rep range days as well as my high rep workouts. Stay tuned, those are coming soon!

Thank you all for following this blog and my training thus far. I appreciate all of your posts, questions, support and interest!


2 responses to “Coming Soon!

  1. Alli,

    The suspense is killing me! What does the rest of your training look like? Keep up the great work!

    Matt T

    • Hey Matt, thanks!

      I was away last week in Maui so I will get back to posting this week… thanks again for checking in frequently! – Alli

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