“Rest Week” in Maui

I’m back! If my blog has appeared to be stagnant recently, that is simply because I was away in Maui last week. Nick was invited to educate the fitness staff at the Ritz Carlton on ‘Self Myofacial Release’, ‘Joint Mobility’ and ‘The Truth About the Core.’ I on the other hand, was fortunate enough to be his partner in crime! To say the very least, Maui met my expectations as the most incredible place to visit.

Prior to traveling to Maui, as you may have been following, I have been hitting the training hard for my November Figure show. This past week in Maui was coordinated well for my “rest” week to recover and rebuild. In Maui, they have a term called Polynesian paralysis – it is a well used term to collectively explain the ultimate relaxation that sets in on the island.

Despite the Polynesian paralysis, I didn’t sit around and turn into complete mush! My rest week still included moderate activity. Rather than two workouts per day (a cardio session and strength training & conditioning session), I kept my workouts to one per day in the morning. I mixed it up each day because although we had a gym, equipment was limited. I brought my trusty jump rope, ran a good bit and performed some body weight circuits which included chin ups, push ups and squat jumps to name a few. Enough work to stay active, break a sweat and maintain a little pump.

I am back now and training hard again. I feel good and refreshed! I have about 6 weeks remaining to train and still a good bit of work to accomplish! I will be turning up the heat a bit… stay tuned 🙂


One response to ““Rest Week” in Maui

  1. Nice! My wife and I spent our honeymoon at Kaanapali Beach and in Lahaina. Hope you guys had as much fun as we did.

    Matt T

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