Dear Email Subscribers,

For those of you who have subscribed to my blog and expected an email notice regarding my latest posts… I somehow goofed on the subscription link. How did I realize this?? Well, because I too was getting a notice from some other blog– “the best blog ever”– and yes, although this may be quite a stellar blog, I did not title mine that, nor was that the correct link (dang computers!). My apologies!!

The NEW and CORRECT link has replaced the old. Check it out, subscribe and start getting the updates of my training on a regular basis!

Thank you,


4 responses to “Dear Email Subscribers,

  1. Alli -love the blog -great info.

    love to sprint -but my heel is killing me.
    have you have any injuries from sprinting?

    thanks again

    • Hey Mark, thanks for your post and glad you are enjoying the blog!

      I enjoy both distance running (which I do less of these days) and explosive sprint work.

      I haven’t had any injuries with sprints but I am very careful to spend time on a dynamic warm up to prep my body and mechanics for them. Do you practice the same?

      I will be posting on this warm up in the future.


  2. thanks for the quick repsonse.
    do you have anything for heels?
    someone metioned a golf ball….

    • Hey Mark,

      Because I’m not sure what the problem is with your heel (nor am I a qualified physical therapist or doc) I couldn’t tell you exactly what to do. I think however that you are reffering to a little self myofacial release on your feet using the golf ball. You can try that. You can also try it using a tennis ball ( a little more gentle). I have been taught to roll from heel to toe with a firm pressure for about 1 minute per foot. Try it. If it hurts, don’t do it.. and if it feels good–well do!! 🙂

      I hope that helps some. Again, thanks for posting.


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