Strength Training Split, High Rep, Part II

A quick note about leg conditioning on high rep workouts. These workouts are designed to work the muscle fibers from an endurance standpoint. During the strength portion of the workout, I typically perform two to three sets of 15-25 reps…sometimes many more reps depending on the exercise.

Conditioning on our high rep workouts is also designed to be more endurance based. The strength part of the workout takes a little less time (due to the shorter volume in sets) so the conditioning is a bit longer. You will find the inverse on my “high intensity” days. The conditioning on a high rep day is also less intense than the anaerobic bursts or high intensity intervals performed on “high intensity” and “mid rep range” workouts.

We frequently switch up the conditioning drills for the workouts but always stay consistent within certain parameters depending on the goal of that day. The following is a variation of sprint intervals that we incorporated after the strength work of my high rep lower body workout.

This sprint variation consisted of skipping and sprints. Now you may laugh at “skipping” but it is not your typical skip through the park–unless you are very enthusiastic or dramatic with your skip. Here we focus on knee drive and hip extension. The skips are also meant to be more powerful and to cover distance rather than for frequency in a given distance.

The stretch of my “track” was roughly 70 yards (outside the gym). After a round of skips, I walk back making sure to open my stride and my hips up. Once I reached the start line again, I immediately turn, set stance and sprint the 70 yards. Again, this is followed by a walk back for recovery. I completed this 5 rounds in total.

  • Power skip (70 yards, focus on knee drive and hip extension)
  • Walk back for recovery
  • Sprint (about 85% of max intensity)
  • Walk back for recovery
  • Repeat (5 rounds)



Try it!


3 responses to “Strength Training Split, High Rep, Part II

  1. Good stuff, Alli :)…

  2. Wow, I watched your workouts, you inspire me to keep on going. Do you ever do sprints on sand, your awesome.

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your post! I used to live at the beach and loved running soft sand! Sometimes sprints, sometimes a slow jog for time/distance. I miss many things about the beach life and those workouts are one of them…I remember them being killer on my conditioning and often my calves the next day too!

      Thanks again, keep on reading and “keep on going” as you mentioned!

      -Alli 🙂

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