A Newfound Favorite!

I once read that a Figure Competitor is like a professional dieter. I’m starting to find that to be very true! Competition dieting is tough. We are limited to fresh, lean, clean, veggies, meat, eggs and select, acceptable fats and carbs. You can forget about convenience foods, cocktails, delicious comfort foods or party foods. When the competition goal exceeds the instant gratification and taste of something off plan however, it’s very managable to plan, cook and stay the course– even if it’s one meal, one snack and one day at a time.

Physique competitors eat accordingly for a desired result, not pleasure. If you are anything like me however, sometimes I’m happy with the simple cucumber, tomato and chicken meal and sometimes I want to find ways to add more flavor to the day. I came across an article on T-Nation after Nick and his intern, Dan, discovered a variation of cookies!–I had to see what this was about 🙂

After checking out the article “Six Things You Need to Know About Protein” I tweaked the Lab Rabbit cookies so they were more diet friendly for me. I say tweaked, more like simplified in calories and ingredients.

My new found favorite treat is:

  • Combine 1-2 tablespoons of all-natural, salt free peanut butter (the peanut butter where the only ingredient is peanuts and you have to mix the oil in)
  • In a small cup/bowl with half a scoop of chocolate protein powder (I use American Whey)
  • Mix well and eat with a spoon
  • **On carb days, try throwing in a few oats 🙂

Simple, diet friendly and delicious!! (well, maybe only “delicious” if that is your only deviation for a sweet treat.) It reminds me somewhat of a Reeses and also of the old-school snack “Little Debbie Nutter Butter” bars.

Check out the article on T-Nation here. Feel free to post if you have any other easy, favorite recipes for flavor!!


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