Great Job Nick!

Wow, Nick and I have been running like crazy the past few months. A Mexican Riviera cruise in August, a business/pleasure trip to Maui in September, a fitness conference this past weekend.. in addition to training clients, pumping out blog posts and articles, figure competition training, etc. Life has been busy!


We just returned from Myrtle Beach where Nick presented at the AFPA (American Fitness Professionals & Associates) Conference. He provided four lecture/workshops: The Truth about the Core, Self Myofacial Release, Strength Training & Conditioning for Fat Loss and Joint Friendly Strength Training. He did a fantastic job on all four classes and had some of the highest turnouts for class attendance in the whole conference!


It is nice having the support of your best friend, boyfriend and competition trainer all in one. It is challenging to travel during competition season. We have done so three times now. Fortunately, finding meals that agree with the diet parameters and carb cycling, finding time to train –not once, but twice a day–especially when the day is packed!– have all been made more managable having my support system right by my side. We were able to accomplish both diet and training while in Myrtle Beach without skipping a beat. A big thanks to him!


Make sure if you have not checked out his blog and website yet that you visit it here. Feel free to send him questions or comments. He does a remarkable job juggling travel, presenting to small and large groups, training a wide range of clients, providing cutting edge training information for Men’s Health, T-Nation and to name a few…all while dealing with a girlfriend who is on a STRICT DIET and regimine for a figure competition!


The human body, training and the strength & conditioning  industry are Nick’s passion. He spends countless hours on his work and education to continue delivering a concrete and valuable service to his clients, fellow fitness enthusiasts, trainers and strength coaches. Awesome job Nick!!


Now… more on Upper Body Split Training coming later today!


One response to “Great Job Nick!

  1. Damn!… that guy Nick sounds awesome!

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