Strength Training Split, High Rep, Part IV

The last part of the High Rep series belongs to conditioning! In addition to my daily cardio, I always have conditioning after my strength workout. This may range from four minutes to 15 or 20 minutes depending on the goal of that day. We keep my conditioning consistent with the upper and lower split because so much conditioning is lower body dominant, that if we always chose to do sled work, sprints, bike intervals, etc. my legs would rarely get a chance to recover which would lead to cumulative stress and little benefits over the long run.


We are a bit more limited on upper body conditioning when it comes to traditional thought…but how good would we be if we limited ourselves to traditional thought…that is why we get CREATIVE! Upper body conditioning could include boxing, the band tabatas, animal movements, hammer work, the list can go on and on. The following is something we put together for a fun (and challenging), interval based conditioning session.


Here is one round:

1. One minute of tight medicine ball rotations.

  • 10 seconds (as fast as you can go), rotate shoulder to shoulder width, split stance. / 10 second rest.
  • 10 seconds (as fast as you can go), opposite split stance. / 10 second rest.
  • 10 seconds (as fast as you can go), square stance. / 10 second rest.

2. One minute push/pull using the Airdyne Bike handles. This offers great resistance with a consistent and smooth tension.

3. Two minutes of jump rope. Again, jump rope is a great variation for cardio, working shoulders, calves and you can have some fun with tempo and technique.

4. Rest one minute, and repeat!   (3 rounds for completion).


3 responses to “Strength Training Split, High Rep, Part IV

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  2. what if you do not have an Airdyne Bike.

    • Hi Sammy,

      Great Question. If you don’t have an Airdyne Bike, you can get creative with bands to substitute that segment of the interval circuit. If you’re looking for further band ideas, I show a tabata using bands in my High Intensity posts. You could try doing 1 minute of a push / pull combo, then hit the jump rope.

      I hope that helps and good luck! 🙂


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