For the Love of Training.

I was training a client last week and I casually mentioned in conversation that although I wanted her to work hard, I wanted her to enjoy the hour and have fun while doing so. She honestly replied, “I thought I was supposed to hate all of this… you mean, this stuff is actually FUN for you???” I laughed at her sincerity and said, “absolutely!!” It was then that I realized a little further just how much I really DO love to train and how few of us actually feel this way.


I recently read an article on T-Nation by Jason Ferrugia that really coincided with my thoughts and feelings left behind from the prior conversation with my client. Regardless of your sport and or training goals, for those of us who have a passion to train, I wanted to share with you a few excerpts from the article about this passion:


  • “I train and I constantly strive to make progress. Training is so much more than working out. It helps you get to know yourself better. It teaches you what you’re really made of and how hard you’re willing to work to overcome adversity.”
  • “…to those of us who are married to the iron for life and feel most at home pushing heavy weight in some hole in the wall hardcore gym, it’s our passion. The squat rack is our church, the dead lift platform our temple.”
  • “I’ve gone to battle with the iron and come out on the losing end many times. I’ve strained, pulled, and torn muscles and ligaments. I’ve screwed up my back and injured my knees. I’ve sweat, bled, and puked… all in the same workout. But as Clark Griswold said to his daughter when her eyes froze over while searching for the perfect Christmas tree, “It’s all part of the experience.”I do it because I love it.”
  • “We do it for that feeling of going to battle, the rush of hitting a new max, and the pain and suffering that come along with it. We do it because we love to set goals and bust our ass in pursuit of them. We do it because it allows us to release all our pent up anger and aggression. We do it because we know most others don’t have the balls to train like we do. We do it for that feeling of camaraderie and competition between training partners.”
  • “That is one of the most important benefits of training many people often overlook; the mental aspect. Training is a release. It’s a time to leave all the problems of the world behind for an hour, a few days a week, and go to battle with the iron and with yourself.It teaches you a lot about yourself and what you’re capable of. The iron can be your best friend and your worst enemy all at once. But it will always be there for you when you need it.”
  • “I don’t care what your goals are and what you’re training for. I don’t even care how you train. My only hope is that you realize what a gift it is to be able to go into the gym and experience that kind of release and establish that kind of bond with the iron and the brothers that go to battle with you.”


Amen! I hope I didn’t do the article any injustice by clipping just pieces, but I think these are very well stated points and many of us can relate! Check out the full article on T-Nation here, “The Everlasting Bond” by Jason Ferrugia.


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