Time to Zero In.

My show is in three weeks on Friday November 13th. For the past week and the next three, the focus on this show and the final prep involved are getting very zeroed in. As of Monday, Nick and I have shifted my training structure from the undulated series to a much more metabolic way of training. The objective here is to maintain my muscle mass but continue and hopefully even accelerate the process of getting that last bit of unwanted body fat off. Stay tuned for those training days, they are FUN and challenging!!


I have also shifted my focus to fine tuning my diet, working directly with my posing coach Blythe Alberg and competition specific training John Puskarich. Blythe and John are married and have both had a tremendous amount of time and experience in this industry. You can catch Blythe’s pod cast series titled “Cut the Fat” here.


As for my training structure, Nick and I are still operating on a upper/lower split. Saturdays have shifted from “Vanity Day” training to cross training conditioning. I will be joining an open mat session at Ground Control on Saturdays to do mit work for additional conditioning, shoulder and arm development and hopefully some killer core attention. Following that will be a private posing session with Blythe and tomorrow (Sundays) a rest day finally.


Lastly, I want to wish the guys at Ground Control a big GOOD LUCK. Several of the guys have been training hard to fight in Maryland’s first MMA fight tonight at the 1st Mariner Arena. I have had the enjoyment of hanging around these guys on Saturday’s as well as watching them train. I have a great respect and appreciation for their work ethic, their training drive and their passion for this sport. Nick has also been working with a few select guys on their conditioning for this fight and it’s impressive! You can see a clip of that training here.


To wrap this up, GOOD LUCK to Binky Jones, Ryan Mackin, Rick Desper, Dave Daniecki and Mike Pascal!


2 responses to “Time to Zero In.

  1. Great blog, Alli! Very interesting stuff about what you are doing training-wise, got some great ideas from reading and watching your videos.

    I’m missing diet info, though. I cannot find anything on what you eat, macros, calories, what if – if any – adjustments you have made etc etc…

    Care to share? 🙂

    Good luck with your show, and good to see you have such a great team supporting you!


    • Hi Borge!

      Thank you for your post…I’m glad you find the blog interesting and informative. Yes, I have not posted a tremendous amount on the diet aspect yet, however it is a CRUCIAL player in the game of getting lean! I should and will post more on this soon.

      I will certainly be making adjustments and fine tuning the diet as I taper down to the final weeks and days but I have basically maintained certain very clean parameters and just stayed very consistent. Over time, my body has been responding. I will share more details however (calories, macros, etc) soon.

      Lastly, yes, I have a great team of experienced support plus my family, friends, co-workers and clients have all been awesome as well! I’m very lucky for that!

      Thank you again for YOUR support and I will be glad to share some of the diet. I do have to note, however I am not “qualified” to prescribe a diet, I can only share what has been working for me 🙂

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