It doesn’t always go “According to Plan”

I like having a plan. It makes me feel more at ease. I like mentally preparing for what I must accomplish. Life doesn’t always play out according to our plans, not on the small stuff or even the grand scheme at times. That is something I’m learning to get better on and of course have had to face it for my show.


This past week was supposed to be my last week of hard training. Everyday was planned. Each cardio, each strength session, each metabolic and conditioning piece, my competition specific training day, my posing, my diet refinements, even down to the last massage I was going to treat myself too 🙂 .


I started Sunday off with a cough again. Monday I felt a little achy in the gym, I thought it was due to a few tough training sessions. Tuesday I woke up with the full-blown flu. This was NOT part of the plan. Nor did it seem like good timing when so little was left to make the most of my competition prep! My mental state was so strong, my physique coming in well, not to mention, I thought I couldn’t be any healthier! How could I get the flu!?!?


Perhaps I was pushing the limits? My mind and my heart however are so focused on this show, I think they would have hushed my body’s pleas to a whisper if trying to talk to me too! My body out smarted them though! It figured out, “if Alli won’t listen to me, I will shut her down by picking up a virus!” What a mean thing to do! Sounds evil doesn’t it? Let me tell you, it felt anything but pleasant!


My body won. I suppose, all’s fair in love and war  🙂 . I went to the doc, in tears, afraid I might not be able to follow through with the show. He assured me I would be OK by Friday if all goes “according to plan” (wink wink). So, I picked up the antibiotics (not quite sure how they would make my body respond at this point of tapering) and figured nothing was worth my health. I slept, slept and slept some more. Fortunately, I’m feeling better now and hoping to be back on my feet in another day or so. The best thing I could do was rest. Fortunately, I was already drinking a gallon of water a day for fluids and I made darn sure I kept eating my foods and staying on the diet despite the lack of appeal most foods had.  


Now it is time to play smart. Be comfortable with last-minute changes, confident that I am where I need to be and will still make any last-minute gains because I am still consistently focused and have a great team of coaches and support. Perhaps this path is a blessing in disguise. I’m learning to trust my body, my instincts and take pieces of advice from those who have more experience in all of this. All are part of this journey as well.


I’m really looking forward to recovering from this flu which was holding me hostage to my bed and getting back on my feet! I will keep you posted as the last week of competition prep (aka love and war) continues!


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