Top 5 Things I Bring to Every Training Session

I feel as thought I have kicked the flu and still have 5 days ’til showtime! I am back hitting the gym today for one of the last three strength sessions before the show. Tuesday will be my last strength training day!


I wanted to share with you the Top Five Things I Bring to Every Training Session. These things take up little space in my gym bag and anyone who knows me, knows I never go anywhere without these five!


1. My IPOD:  I joke that I am a music junkie. Both Nick and I love finding new music, digging up old tunes and creating new mixes that pump us up for training. Ask me about my favorites for training and I could go on and on. That may vary on the day and include anything from hard rock (Rage Against the Machine– Killing in the Name or Sleep Now in the Fire, The Used – Mosh ‘n Church, Rise Against, Sense Field – Burn) to Hip Hop (Atmosphere– Dreamer, Roy Jones Jr– Can’t be Touched, Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass) or even Electronic (Moby, Chemical Brothers, Tiesto) ..oh the list could go on and on…anything with a high energy to sum it all up. Ultimately, my music helps keep me motivated and most importantly aids in the “fun” of the session.


2. My FRESH KARAT HEADBAND: by now you have seen and or clicked on the Fresh Karat link at the bottom right corner of this page. You have also probably seen me wear them in all of my training you tube videos. I looove to add a little flare to my workout attire when I can 🙂 not to mention they are fantastic for keeping the hair out of my face. Fresh Karat is one of the many things that I work on. The company is owned by my dearest friend Suzannah Hauter in San Diego, CA. Attention Females— they rock for training and or the perfect everyday accessory. Coaches and Trainers— you’re female clients will love the gift (plus they’re very affordable), Guys–don’t forget about your girlfriend, wife, sister, training partner, etc. Anyone can contact me for personal orders. We also provide wholesale accounts if you would like to get them into your gym! You can also go to the website and receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders when you enter the promo code FITNESS at checkout. It’s my gift to you for following this blog!


3. My JUMP ROPE: I often take my jump rope everywhere. I even take it when I travel because it’s easy to pack and I’m prepared in case I want to get a little bit of activity and can’t find a gym! I use my jump rope to help warm up and quite often for conditioning/intervals. I LOVE the jump rope I have, in my opinion, it’s the Cadillac of jump ropes :). I got my AERO SPEED jump rope at a fitness conference in Las Vegas from Mr. Buddy Lee himself! You can check out his website here.


4. My POST WORKOUT SHAKE: Sometimes vanilla, sometimes chocolate, always with 10 ounces of water and two scoops of Biotest Superfood. Even though we have about a 40 minute window to replenish with a protein shake, I usually drink mine within 10 minutes after training.


5. My HEART & EFFORT: I love to train. I think if you read this blog, you do too. To me, every hour I train is a gift. It is my time, my money, my body and my goals. No one owns that but me. That is why, when I show up to train, I give one thing, EVERYTHING. Now don’t get me wrong, not everyday can be as good as the next, but I always give what I have relative to what I can. It’s supposed to be fun. It’s supposed challenge us. I make sure that’s it’s worth it and that I feel good afterwards. What makes me feel good is knowing that I have pushed every rep I can and given every bit of energy stored to complete my workout. When I feel spent at the end of my training and I feel as though I have accomplished what I set out to do, I feel good.


3 responses to “Top 5 Things I Bring to Every Training Session

  1. I’ve tried for two days to get on the Fresh Karat web site with no luck. Is there another way to order?

    • Hi there.

      Absolutely. I am very sorry for any confusion or inconvenience. Ironically and untimely, we are having some website difficulties and should be fixed within hours! If you like, you can email me personally and I will process and ship the order for you 🙂 I can be reached at . Otherwise, the website should be back in operation by the end of business today. Thank you for contacting me and thank you for your business!


    • YC,

      Another way you can place your order if you do not feel comfortable sending your billing and shipping information to me, is to contact Suzannah (the owner) directly with your order. Simply let her know you found Fresh Karat through the blog and she will honor the free shipping.

      Suzannah can be reached either at or her cell 619.972.7850

      Thank you!

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