It is the eve of the Yorton Cup!


All of the strength training, conditioning, morning cardio…the planning… the countless gallons of water, cooking, cooking and cooking….protein shakes, vitamins, BCAA’s…evening and morning weigh in’s, circumference measurements, body fat pinches…a broken pinky, the flu… a trip to Mexico and Hawaii…ordering the suit, posing practice, T-Walks…. The many sacrifices…giving up favorite foods, social events, celebrations…. Making time to do things despite feeling tired, hungry, frustrated… It’s allllll worth it now. It’s all worth it because the day has arrived and the goal accomplished!


A show recap to follow soon!!


6 responses to “It’s SHOWTIME!

  1. You’re amazing! Good luck!

  2. Let’s see some pictures, Alli!! After you’re done and when you have time to post them, of course. And please tell us what post-show treat(s) you enjoyed!

    • Hi Kathleen!

      Yes, I will post pictures well as a recap of the show!

      As for my post-show treat… I broke the fast with my mom’s incredibly delicious caramel brownies. There is not one thing she cuts corners with in those! I will have to post the recipe for those who want to try to duplicate for a phenomenal tasting experience 🙂

  3. Congrats – looking forward to the recap. I think I need to bookmark this post and revisit in oh-my-god-why-am-I-doing-this moments 🙂

    • Hi Nicole!

      Hhahaha, I had a few of those moments… but they were short lived and yes, it feels so good when we make it through those moments as well as being WORTH IT in the end! I will be posting the recap this week with picts soon!


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