Q&A #2, Laying out the program, part II

In my last post, I gave you the consolidated layout to my physique strength training. Conditioning was a crucial component to my program as well because it helped with a greater EPOC and contributed to overall fat loss. Nick and I were just as systematic about my conditioning programing as we were with my strength training. We wanted to make sure that we were NOT doing conditioning that was heavily fatiguing on the lower body if that day that was intended for legs to rest (ex: we did not run sprints the day after a heavy lower body day). We also undulated my conditioning to match the intensity on my system with that of the strength training.  



Low Rep strength days (5-6 sets, 4-6 reps), I performed high intensity, anaerobic conditioning–4 min-8min max. Often we incorporated Tabatas, sled work or sprints.

Med Rep strength days (3-4 sets, 8-12 reps) we performed about 12 minutes of interval work at a moderate intensity. This often consisted of Airdyne bike intervals or an upper body interval circuit.

High Rep strength days (2-3 sets, 15-25 reps) I did conditioning for a longer duration (15-25 min) at a lower intensity. Sometimes the slideboard, the Airdyne bike or an upper body circuit (see Strength Training Split, High Rep, Part IV)


So there you have it! It’s actually a simple formula that we followed– 1. Match your strength training and conditioning goals for that day in order to keep the intensity levels and energy systems demanded consistent and 2. if it is an upper body day, stick with upper body conditioning –boxing, sledge hammer work, band work, etc.  On lower body days, stick with lower body conditioning–sled work, tire dragging, sprints, etc. This stays consistent with the split routine and aids proper rest on the designated muscle groups intended to rest on that day.


6 responses to “Q&A #2, Laying out the program, part II

  1. Hi Ali,

    Can you please elaborate exactly why “conditioning” is needed ? Im kinda scratching my head thinking “why exactly did Ali need to do this in the first place ?” I know you have mentioned EPOC (i dont know what that is) and fat loss – but can you please elaborate on these points.



    • Hi Alex,

      Thank you for your question. My apologies for the delayed response.

      We did “conditioning” to accelerate fat loss. Also, put simply, EPOC means how much your metabolism is accelerated after exercise. High intensity conditioning (interval training) has been shown to create very high EPOC therefore it’s useful for fat loss as well.

      I hope this helps clarify. Happy New Year and stay tuned for I will be starting my next competition season with the next few weeks–so more to come!


  2. Any thoughts on this Alli ?


  3. To me, conditioning is the sine qua non( without which nothing). The better conditioned you are, the more bullet proof you are. The better conditioned you are the higher your level of performance in all aspects of training. The better conditioned you are, the better your tied together so to speak. Since any weak link in the chain will slow you down, or stall you. Conditioning separates the big cats from the kitty cats. I feel like a little bit of a Spartan mentality, boosts your confidence, makes one feel able to tackle the other goals that one might have felt were out of reach. If you’re a body builder, one will never look great or be great. Explore more of Nick and Alli’s blogs, posts and keep an open mind. Don’t let a little good pain, discomfort scare you. Many people do beg off when they see what these good folks are advocating. You get what you give. That’s the botttom line. One more, “No free lunch”.

  4. Do you do crossfit training?

    • Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for writing. Actually, I have never tried a crossfit training session. Are you a fan of the crossfit style?

      Take care!

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