Happy New Year!

Although two weeks into January already (wow), HAPPY NEW YEAR! I must say 2009 was filled to the brim with both change and accomplishments. Nick and I capped off 2009 with a great trip to Las Vegas for NYE. I am now enjoying the “normalcy” that comes along with January. I’m also eager to live and see what will unfold, plus what I will manifest, in 2010!


Now, for training! To be real with all of you readers, I am working diligently to get my mind transitioned out of the holidays and temptations back to the competition stage. I was hoping to come back to the stage as soon as possible. After heavily weighing the level of committment I am ready for at the moment, I have decided that I am not going to pick a show date just yet. I love it and I will, but I am not ready to marry the zero deviation policy yet. I feel if you’re not fully ready to embrace those choices, you’re NOT ready yet.


On the contrary, nothing great comes easy and if it were easy, everyone would do it. What separates my healthy lifestyle from competition season are even greater sacrifices made, more planning, prep and complete dedication to the stage. I am gearing up for the HUNGER (no pun intended) that will come when I’m ready. When the passion for the goal and committment outweigh any other choices and temptations. So to all you Physique Competitors that hit the ground running January 1st (or before) for the early spring shows–more power to you and I wish you allllll the praise I can send. 🙂


What can you expect from me over the next few months?? Well, I AM on a progressive 15 week training program. I just started this past Monday. I am still training “as if” and dieting clean. I am training Monday through Saturday with two of the best partners I could ask for–Nick and Mark. My goals are to continue to create my best physique through hard training and a good diet/lifestyle. That way, when I DO chose a show, I will be closer to having the best that I can bring to the stage. Stay tuned to the blog, I plan to deliver training highlights and education over the next 15 week training phase.


I will leave you with this…Today was an upper body day with an emphasis on pulling. We superset our pulling exercises with push exercises. I am happy to report that I am still able to crank out 3 sets of 8 one arm push ups (4 per side)  😉  


Happy 2010!


2 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Great to see you again and applaud your resolve. I have to tell you that your’s and Nick’s workout tips and inspiration have led me to lose 12 lbs. Down from 211 to 199. Didn’t realize how much I’ve been carrying since it was fairly well distributed. That’s the good news. The bad news is I gotta lose about five more. I’ve started running when I get up as per your workout end of last year. If I can’t keep my mouth closed at least I can make myself pay for it. I ‘m enjoying it though, the discipline of adding two more sessions of cardio/sprints/ tabata for a total of 8 sessions/wk. now. Why does it feel so good? When I lose the 5 or whatever it takes, you could put out a bowl of milk for me. lol. That’s where I hope to get. So far so good. You guys have set a great example for a lot of folks. Can’t wait to see your new stuff. Thanks and Be Happy. gene

  2. One arm push-ups, awesome. You got me doing plenty of one leg squats but not the push-ups. Not yet, anyway. I do the superset pushups though, flat, feet up and then arms/chest up. I’m busted by the end of that. I sound like an old locomotive. lol

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