Contrast Training – Lower Body Day Cont’d

Just a few days ago, I began posting about Contrast Training – a set of heavy lifts, five to 10 reps, followed immediately with an unloaded, explosive exercise using the same movement pattern and the same reps.


I demonstrated the Trap Bar Deadlift/Box Jump sequence –This is a bi-lateral movement which can also be considered a more hip dominant. The following superset is a nice complementary pair because it’s unilateral and more quad-dominant. When I train lower body and it’s contrast training oriented, I do these together on the same day. They can also be done in different workouts and still carry out an overall balance of training and performance.  


The following video demonstrates a walking single leg squat paired with a split jump.



How to complete the walking single leg squat:

  • Take a large step forward.
  • Pick up your back foot, sit your hips back and drop your back knee to the ground. (Make sure to keep your torso posture as tall as possible — a forward lean is normal, just be sure to keep a flat back)
  • Perform all walking split squats on one side first (8-10 reps), follow immediately with split jumps (6-8 reps) on the same leg. Take up to 30 seconds rest (only if needed) and repeat other side.
  • For an added challenge, try carrying a dumbbell as shown or wear a weight vest 🙂


I received a great question today requesting contrast training ideas for chest and back. This is something I am doing a lot with right now both in my personal training goals as well as with some of my clients. In my next few posts, I will offer more on contrast training for chest and back including some of my favorite exercise pairs to accomplish both strength and power.


6 responses to “Contrast Training – Lower Body Day Cont’d

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  2. Well Alli has got me going, that’s for sure. I’ve upped my workout schedule from 5 workout sessions/week to 8/week. Cardio days included. I’ve lost 11lbs and see a big difference. I’m a tall and broad( lucky bone structure) so it was kinda hidden all over the place. I could lose another 5-ten. When I was a young bodybuilder I looked like some other human anatomy chart type of guys. Well, that’s what I’m going after now. I was afraid of such intensity at my age, (just added more sprinting) and everything is working great. From what I’ve seen in all my years, everybody’s a wuss compared to Ms. McKee. Thanks Alli.

    • Haha, thank you Gene and April.. I’m sure you guys also push it on the gym floor much harder than you think… as long as the effort and intensity are there, you’re rockin!

      Gene, great job with the personal progress, keep it up!! I promise to continue doing the same 🙂

  3. Hey Ali,

    I was wondering what your diet is like (meals, macros etc). Are you a clean eater when not in contest prep? Also, what do you do for a living that you seem to have time to train like you do? Take care!

    • Hi Mel!

      My diet is pretty clean even outside of contest prep. I enjoy the clean, whole foods–plus they make me feel best for operating throughout the day.

      I try to keep my carbs (oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice) to the first half of the day. Always a lean protein with each meal or snack plus fiber (fruit in the a.m. and veggies with every other meal).

      Non contest, I still enjoy the occasional indulgence (we’re all human!), but my grocery shopping is pretty consistent in and out of competition. Competition is just that much more clean and more planning involved. 🙂

      Lastly, my second home is the gym! I am a strength coach/personal trainer out of Baltimore, MD. I float between two gyms to train clients (at FX Studios) and a third location (Fitnology) to train with my boyfriend (and strength coach) Nick and his training partner Mark.

      I feel very lucky to do what I love and love what I do everyday 🙂

      Thanks for posting! Have a great day!!

  4. Hi Alli, Well, I dropped 5 more pounds since last I wrote. From 211 to 207 to 200 now 196. This was due to interval training and sprints.

    When I saw your contrast training, I added that into my training schedule, leaving out most of the steady pace cardio. It still looks like I need to lose 5 to 10lbs to get as cut up as I’d like.

    Funny, I thought, 5-10 was all I needed to lose. I didn’t think fat could hide in so many places.

    Keeping my muscle mass up and now I’m more motivated than ever. Can’t wait to get to the next workout. Mixing up the workouts like this has really piqued my drive at the gym. More interesting, challenging and fun. (Seems I like showing off a little, too. 🙂 It seems that every bit of success motivates more of the same.

    Thanks to you, Alli and Coach Nick.

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