Contrast Training – Upper Body Push

As I mentioned in my last post, our training group is starting to feel the cumulative effects of the past four weeks of hard training. This week is a deload week where we are taking a planned break from the hard training. In order to give our minds and bodies a break, we’re filling our sessions with light active recovery work–mild cardio, foam rolling, mobility drills, and light work when it comes to anything strength oriented. If you would like to read further about deload week, check out this article and the following link here written by Jim Wendler on


In the meantime, I will provide you with this! The last several posts have been lower body dominant. I have also promised to give you readers an upper body series for Contrast Training. The following video clip is an example of an upper body contrast set. It includes heavy dumbbell bench press followed by explosive push ups. These videos have been filmed at one of the FX Studio locations where I train clients. It’s an awesome private studio located in Silo Point in Baltimore City.



The above video displays more of an advanced plyo push up. For those of you who are looking for a beginner or intermediate version, look no further 🙂




More this week on Upper Body Contrast Training!


5 responses to “Contrast Training – Upper Body Push

  1. Thanks so much – it was me who asked for upper body contrast ideas before. I figured your reply might include explosive press-ups 🙂 Can’t wait to get into the gym and try them out. (I don’t think for one minute I’ll be able to do the ones in your first example, though!)

    Thanks, take care

  2. Allie, i love your blog!!!
    just started following, thanks for all the useful information.

    • Hey Juliana, Thanks! Glad you enjoy the blog information. As I’m sure you’ve found, it is geared towards advanced female fitness, athletes, trainers, figure competitors and fitness enthusiasts!

      Keep checking back as I will continue to post useful information. Also feel free to ask questions and post your own thoughts.

      Best in health and training!

  3. Hey Alli, just wanted to come on and say I did your contrast training for legs and chest today: LOVED it, what a simple but tough workout! Those push ups are hard! My chest strength needs serious work! A question, actually: what % of squat-weight ‘should’ one be able to chest press? Let’s say I can squat 110kg (1rm). What should I aim for for chest? Or is that a really pointless question? Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Nicky, that is great to hear! Thank you for posting your experience and feedback 🙂

      As for your question, one may have an answer regarding strength percentages between squat and bench, but I personally do not. There may be some relative relationship– if this, than that…but to be honest, I don’t know.

      We need an overall balance of strength training and so we should be working on all push, pull and lower body strength. That said, we should also be chosing weights that are a challenge for us based upon the set and rep range. If trying to decide upon a weight choice for the chest press, pick something that challenges you in the 5-10 rep range…that said, you should NOT have many reps left in the tank as you accomplish the 8th, 9th or 10th rep 🙂

      Hope that helps! and good luck!!

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