Contrast Training – Upper Body Pull

Wow, here in Baltimore today we’re seeing winter at it’s finest. Just to give you all an idea, it is currently 17 degrees. It began snowing yesterday afternoon around 2pm and is forcasted to continue through this evening. We currently have 22 inches of snow and may see up to 30 inches! It’s the blizzard of 2010! Frankly, I could take or leave snow…I’m a beach girl 😉 but it’s white, calm and gorgeous out there this morning.


As for training, it’s still deload week so perhaps for today’s activity, Nick and I will take advantage of mother nature and get out there for some snow shoveling, hiking around the city and maybe a snowball fight. We live in a pedestrian oriented town–should be a fun day!  If I’m feeling the extra urge to workout, we always have the airdyne bike at the house 😉 


If you’d like to check out one of our more traditional lower body deload workouts, check out Nick’s blog post here. He lays out the entire circuit, time, rounds, etc.


Lastly, to complete the Contrast Training series, below is an example of Contrast Training for an upper body PULL workout.

  • Chin ups (or pull ups) paired with speed rows using a JC Band. I would suggest about 8 seconds of band rows as fast as you can pull or a rep range of 8-12. (If 6-8 chin ups are easy for you, you can always add a weighted belt).



Another exercise that I love to pair with Chin ups/Pull ups are explosive medicine ball slams. Check out Nick’s video example below starring John Rallo:



One response to “Contrast Training – Upper Body Pull

  1. Inspiring with the pull up’s! Deff my weakness…now I have goals!

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