Alli in Wonderland

I feel this title is appropriate as it refers to a very current fairytale that involves a girl who must “eat this” and “drink that” to change size. Well my friends, I am about to do just that as I am preparing to drink lots of water & protein shakes, limit my diet to essentially lean protein sources and vegetables and once again, shrink down to a stage ready physique…only this is no fairytale! 😉 


In about 4 weeks, I will embark on Season Three of Fit to Figure! With Nick in my corner again, I have started to map out the details of prep timing, training, diet, travel and stage day! This is exciting! I have had roughly five months off since my last show. In those five months Nick, Marc and I have been training HARD. My diet has been moderate and I’m excited to tighten that up so that this hard-earned physique can start to unveil all of it’s new cuts and curves! We are hoping to incorporate a nutritional powerhouse for consulting but no final word on that just yet.


The show I have set my sights on will be the NPC Maryland show on August 21st, 2010. That means I’ll be sharing several months of cutting edge Physique and Performance training with you all. Not only is it important to me to reach my physique goals, but it’s equally important to maintain (and even improve) my foundation of athleticism — that’s what makes our training programs killer and effective…we don’t just look the part, we continue to operate like a well-oiled athlete.


Nick and I will also be traveling to some exciting conferences within the next few months so even more training material to bring back to you readers. In April we’ll be attending the AFPA Fitness Conference in Ocean City, MD. In May we’ll be at the JP Fitness Summit in Kansas City, MO. In June, you can find us at the Perform Better Seminar in Providence, RI. And just booked, we’ll be attending the Kettlebell Concepts Galvanized Convention and Trade Show in NYC in July!! Wow, an exciting list of travel, networking and learning!


So YES, in case there was any question, I’m BACK! That said, I will leave you with this… I was running today and have many staple songs on my ipod for motivation. One being Jay Z’s “my first song.” In that song he says:

“The key to staying, on top of things is treat everything like it’s your first project…

It’s my life – it’s my pain and my struggle
The song that I sing to you it’s my everything
Treat my first like my last, and my last like my first
And my thirst is the same as – when I came
It’s my joy and my tears and the laughter it brings to me
It’s my everything”


9 responses to “Alli in Wonderland

  1. Wow, wow, wow. More when I catch my breath! Awesome. I’ve lost 18 all together now since November. So,if we bump into each other accidentally, somebody’s gonna get cut! LOL. My Best to You Guys, as Always. gene (the old guy).

    • Hey Gene,

      So glad to hear you are still on your way (and even closer) to your goals. You made it through the most challenging season too…the holidays and the cold!

      Keep up the great work and thanks, as always, for the support 🙂


  2. Oh, I love the Alli in Wonderland theme, very creative. Watch out for the Cheshire Cat!

  3. Look forward to following along!!!

    • Many thanks Krissa! This is going to be an exciting season when we get into the thick of it!

      Have a great week,

  4. finally…your back, i was missing your posts

    • Hi Juliana, yes, I’m back! It’s always nice to know one was missed! I really appreciate knowing you all get something out of this blog. I can assure you I’ll make up for the lost time 🙂

      Have a great day!!

  5. Awesome, that’s so exciting!! I LOVE the fact that you are training for figure in an ATHLETIC way. So many old school/ “classic” training techniques of the figure competitor are so NON functional. BUT you demonstrate a boatload of atheticism in your workouts and I frikkin love it. When I recover from my injuries, I will be sure to train in a similar way because it burns crazy calories, it’s straight bad-ass, it prevents injury, and is very effective in producing a lean and shapely physique. Love it! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more~

    • Hey Kristina!! Thanks for the props and support! Injuries? What’s going on with you? and yes, be sure to drop us a line when you return to your training.. we can swap thoughts 🙂


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