A Recent Update

Hello fellow athletes, trainers, coaches and fitness enthusiasts!

As you may have noticed, my blog posts have been a bit scarce once again since the last time I posted the Metabolic Leg Challenge. That is because my low back is a happy home to a nagging injury. It’s a moody injury because one day, I’m  up and running fine and the very next day, for no apparent reason, my back gives me grief!  The first “trauma” to my low back dates back to February 2008. I have since been through physical therapy and was back full speed from August 2009 through March 31st, 2010. On April 1st, I attempted a max lift on the trap bar deadlift. Nick strongly advised me not to, but being the competitive girl that I am, I wanted to know just how strong I measured up 🙂 . Well, strong enough to lift 252 lbs for three reps.. and dumb enough to try 282 lbs and felt a tiny pop in my back.

I have been keeping a low profile to let the injury heal. This however has kept me from training hard and putting up new videos with great corresponding training info!! I just got an MRI yesterday and I’m waiting to see my doc for the results. The lesson I learned on this one is this: The benefit of knowing how heavy I can lift in the gym, is undeniably less than the benefit of staying healthy and safe. The risk was too high. Please keep this in mind the next time you feel like superman or superwoman before a big upcoming training season!!

That all said, I’m seeing a PT and I’m starting to feel much better. I am STILL moving forward with the next show season. It is still to be fully determined, but my diet is still in place and my intentions are to compete! I wanted to share with you the tid bits of information regarding diet and training…

I am extremely lucky to be working with a particular nutritionist. He is attentive, thorough, brilliant and supportive. As soon as I can let the secret out and share with you who he is.. I will! and I suggest anyone who is in need of a nutritionist, but don’t know one you can trust, check this guy out!!

Regarding my injury and diet situation, he says:

“the bottom line is that injury or otherwise, you need to eat properly; if not for the show in August than for one whenever you’re healed down the road.  And, the fact is that back pain shouldn’t prevent you from optimizing your intake.  So with that in mind, let’s go forward as planned and if we need to tweak things to go from pre-comp to maintenance b/c of an injury, we’ll do so. “

We are in week two of dieting, May 1st however begins the official kickoff of pre-comp focus.

Nick is also in communication with my nutritionist, as they are working together to make the best programs possible.

The following are Nick‘s initial notes regarding training:

As far as Alli’s workout goes – I cannot give you any specific exercises as I need to wait on her MRI results. But, I can tell you about the general layout of each phase: 

Weekly Split
Mon – UB Push
Tues – Cardio, Active Recovery
Wed – LB Legs/Hips
Thurs – Cardio, Active Rest
Fri – UB Pull
Sat – Sprints, Boxing, Plyo’s, etc: (cross training)
Sun, Full Rest

Notes – Alli LOVES to run. So, to keep her happy (and sane) I put in some outdoor running days. However, she has some big toe arthritis that may hinder that as well. That remains to be determined?

We do core work as active recovery between sets. That’s why it’s not listed as “abs” above. We also do a metabolic finisher on Mon, wed and Fri. Again, for Alli’s sanity because she loves to feel exhausted at the end of a workout. If she doesn’t, the workout wasn’t good enough for her. Plus, metabolic finishers are great for her fat loss. 

Training Phases

Phase 1 – x5 weeks = Base strength training with weekly rep undulation and corresponding cardio/conditioning undulation

Unload 1 week

Phase 2 – x5 weeks = Keep muscle, emphasize metabolic conditioning

Unload 1 week

Phase 3 – x5 weeks = Show prep muscle training, more isolation work, drop sets, rest pause sets, work on posing routine, keep loosing fat


So there you have it! The reasons I have been less active on this blog, my most recent status, where I am in the diet and our bare bones outline for training!

This weekend Nick and I are traveling to Ocean City, Maryland where he is presenting at the AFPA Fitness Conference. I am very excited to get to the beach, see Nick present and hang out with my favorite mentor and presenter as well, Martin Rooney. You all have a great weekend and I’ll be back soon!!


6 responses to “A Recent Update

  1. Thanks Alli,

    We wish you all the best in your recovery. Thanks for keeping us posted! Good luck in your competition training…I’d be interested to know who your mysterious nutritionist is, since I am a figure competitor myself. 🙂

    • Hi Mindi,

      I am working with Carter Schoffer (Body Transformation). He is affiliated with John Berardi and Precision Nutrition 🙂

  2. Alli, hope your recovery is swift! I agree that keeping your body healthy is of paramount importance! Ego sometimes gets in the way, but we have to fight it if we want to keep training through the years. For me at this point, longevity is more imporant than it used to be.

    Will your split remain the same throughout your precontest period?

    • Hi Kathleen!

      I too have had changes in my perspective when it comes to training 😉 …longevity is key. So is doing SOMETHING over nothing 🙂

      We have changed my split a little since the last show. We are still working the details regarding the split. It may depend on what my body dictates for intensity and exercise choices. I will certainly keep you all posted though!

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    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

    Christian, Satellite Direct Tv

    • Thanks so much Christian! I appreciate your comment and that you’re benefiting from this blog 🙂

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