Running Like A RockStar

Growing up (from age seven through seventeen), I was a soccer player. In between soccer games, I ran. I started strength training at the age of 15. Once graduating from high school and soccer, I pulled away from the strength training and challenged myself to half and full Marathons. After my first (and last) full marathon in the spring of 2005, I shifted gears back to the weight room. Despite putting away my time chip(s) for running, any way you slice it, sprints or marathons, running is in my blood.


Today, I turned a corner with my training. Since my injury flared back up on April 1st, I’ve not been able to run comfortably–not even across the gym floor. Today is a beautiful day in Baltimore and something told me to give running a shot. I geared up with my latest Fresh Karat headband, running sneakers and MJ on the ipod. I walked through the back parking lot of my place and off I went. Wait.. No pain! My stride felt smooth, the sun was hot and the first song on my Michael Jackson play list was “…Keep on with the force don’t stop, Don’t stop ’til you get enough” …how appropriate 🙂


They say injured athletes break records. Maybe world records, maybe league records and maybe just personal records. I was thinking about this as I have turned a corner in my training for my next Figure Show. Despite a herniated disk, I’m able to run again.. and comfortably!! This is a big deal for me in my training satisfaction / enjoyment. Not to mention, what new records may I break?!

I think MJ is trying to give me messages here because the next song that came on was “Just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it ..No one wants to be defeated, Showin’ how funky and strong is your fight, It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right, Just beat it, beat it” (I thought appropriate regarding injury and the physical / mental frustration that can go along with them).


Running, to me, is like food to my hungry fitness soul.. I don’t do it as often as I used to, but it is therapeutic to me. I love the freedom to move anywhere, the sweat that pours and the lack of any true equipment needed. Hence this song was next (and appropriate again Re: Running!)…

“Go on Girl…
The Way You Make Me Feel
You Really Turn Me On
You Knock Me Off Of My Feet
My Lonely Days Are Gone

…I Like The Feelin’ You’re Givin’ Me
Just Hold Me Baby And I’m In Ecstasy
‘Cause You’re The One For Me
The Way You Make Me Feel”

That about wraps up my post today…just happy to be running again.. to me, it’s progress and satisfaction! Lastly, I couldn’t leave this song off my playlist nor out of my message…

“Well They Say The Sky’s The Limit
And To Me That’s Really True
But My Friend You Have Seen Nothing
Just Wait ‘Til I Get Through . . .

Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad- Come On

And The Whole World Has To Answer Right Now
Just To Tell You Once Again,
Who’s Bad . . .”



7 responses to “Running Like A RockStar

  1. Love this! I’m glad te hear your feeling better!
    Oh how I wish I could run without knee pain.

  2. Congratulations!! It is so great to break free of pain and be able to do something you love.

  3. Thank you Yvonna and Kristy! 😀

  4. Really awesome read. Really..

  5. So glad to hear of your recovery. Phew! 🙂 Before I started training again and got everything balanced, I was Plagued by debilitating back trouble consistently and chronically for years. Doctors were no help at all of course. It was through desperation only that I got serious about getting in shape. Had I known you and Nick then, I know I would have seen the light much sooner. Oh, no more back trouble btw. I am and will be forever grateful to you and Coach Nick, for your tireless, and generous help and inspiration. You guys gotta know how much many folk like me are helped by what you do, and I’m gettin’ the word out. Grazie Mille. Re: Mr. Vince Gironda, I’m hot on his trail. huh-huh-huh.

    • Hey Gene! Great to hear from you! Sounds like all is well.. so glad 🙂 Thank you once again for such nice words.. Happy Memorial Day Weekend.. enjoy a workout outdoors!


  6. This post made my day! I was forced to respond because you talked about my two greatest loves: running and MJ music. Oh, you brought me back when you broke down the lyrics. Here’s a post I did with some of his greatest songs for working out.

    Hope you heal fast!

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