Today’s Lower Body Training

I haven’t dished out a full training day in a while.. so here goes! The following workout was today’s lower body training session. Enjoy!

Dynamic Warm Up

Power Work (fast twitch muscle fibers)

  • A warm up set of lateral bounds x 12 reps  (control and stick the landing)
  • Lateral Step Up Jumps (Note: standing to the side of the bench, left foot rests on the bench, right foot on the ground. Explode up with left food (foot on bench), land with right foot on bench, starting foot on floor…repeat)
    5 sets x 12 jumps (6 per side). Rest 30 seconds between sets

Strength Work

1a. Single Leg Squat, 1 warm up set (body weight x 8 per leg) followed by 3 sets x 8-12 reps per leg (Note: weight used – 20lb weight vest for added challenge)
1b. Bulgarian Split Squat, 1 warm up set (20 lb DB in each hand) followed by 3 sets x 8 per leg (Note: weight used – 20lb weight vest plus 30lb DB in each hand for working sets)

2a. Hip Thrust 3 sets x 12 – 15 reps per leg (Note: Arms above head holding on to Perform Better Jungle Gym or TRX, one foot on the bench, the other leg / knee pulled in towards chest). For more on the Hip Thrust check out my colleague, friend and the father of the Hip Thrust, Mr. Bret Contreras.
2b. Backwards Sled Pull  3 sets x 50 yards  (Note: Go heavy enough that it’s a challenge but can move smoothly. ie: weight used – 200lbs on the sled)

3a. Super Dog  2 sets x 25 reps per leg (Note: See Super Dog post for this exercise. A different variation we used today: Flex knee 90 degrees so foot is dorsiflexed in the air. Lift foot to sky- this should target glutes a bit more.)
3b. Sled Push 3 sets x 50 yards (weight used 250lbs on the sled)

There you have it… today’s full lower body workout.. Exercises, Sets, Reps and even weights used!


6 responses to “Today’s Lower Body Training

  1. Wow. That is a GREAT workout! I love/hate bulgarian split squats. And you kill them with all that added weight!

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  3. Alli:

    Got another airdyne challenge for you:

    *stay at 75-80 RPMS on all sprint portions

    Minute 1: 55 sec. coast/5 sec. sprint
    Minute 2: 50 sec. coast/10 sec. sprint
    Minute 3: 45 sec. coast/15 sec. sprint
    Minute 4: 40 sec. coast/20 sec. sprint
    Minute 5: 35 sec. coast/25 sec. sprint
    Minute 6: 30 sec. coast/30 sec. sprint
    Minute 7: 25 sec. coast/35 sec. sprint (this is when things start to get interesting)
    Minute 8: 20 sec. coast/40 sec. sprint (now you’ll want to stop…assuming your RPM’s are staying above 75 on the sprints)
    Minute 9: 15 sec. coast/45 sec. sprint (if you can get through this one you are a stud)
    Minute 10: 10 sec. coast/50 sec. sprint (you are elite if you can can through this stage)
    Minute 11: 5 sec. coast/55 sec. sprint (if you can get through this, well, you are ridiculous)

    Minute 12: light coast or fall off bike and call emergency medical services.

    Give it a shot.

    • Hey PJ! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Looks tough!! We’ve done a variation of this.. It’s a 10 minute stretch on the airdyne, we call it the Airdyne Pyramid:

      2 minutes – warm up
      1 minute as hard as you can
      1 minute easy
      45 seconds as hard as you can
      1:15 minutes easy
      30 seconds as hard as you can
      1:30 minutes easy
      15 seconds as hard as you can
      1:45 minutes easy

      So with that variation, your sprints get shorter and as a result, harder in effort / higher in RPM 🙂

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