Training Day: High Rep Pulling

Hello and Happy Friday! It’s been a very full week this week (as every week is a full week these days!), but as promised, here is last Friday’s exact High Rep Pulling Workout that corresponds with the Chin Up Drop Set post posted this past Monday 🙂

1a. TRX (Wide Elbow) Recline Pulls, 2 sets x 20 – 25
1b. Rear Dealt Flies, 2 sets x 12 – 15

2a. One Arm Row Trio, 1 set x 10 of each move (30 in total, per side) & 1 set x 8 of each move (24 in total, per side)

3a. CHIN UP DROP SET, x 2 rounds
3b. Medicine Ball Rainbow Lunge, 2 sets x 45 seconds each

4a. Cardio / Conditioning: Jump Rope, (4) 2 minute Rounds with 1 minute rest. (12 minutes total)

5a. Metabolic Finisher: Farmer Walk Complex x 3 Rounds

So there you have it! The training day details for my High Rep Pulling Day. Check back soon as I’ll be sure to post the Farmer Walk Complex. This is a great “total body” but upper body dominant finisher. As you know from my last show prep, we sync upper body lifting days with upper body conditioning and lower body lifting days with lower body conditioning. We’ve started to incorporate this Farmer Walk protocol as we’ve run into a few upper body conditioning limitations due to my back injury. This complex however proves to be safe and effective for me! Check back soon, after a few rounds, it’s killer!


2 responses to “Training Day: High Rep Pulling

  1. Mindi Anderson


    It’s great to read your posts about your training protocols and exercises. I’ve been adding the Chin Up Drop Sets into my workouts, as I’m working on my V-Taper for competitions. Thanks for the info!

    Also, I am thrilled you gave me John Berardi’s information…I just ordered his manual for training clients in Precision Nutrition.

    • Hey Mindi!

      That’s excellent Re: Precision Nutrition’s manual. They have fantastic principles and methods! I am working with someone affiliated with John Berardi, Carter Schoffer, and I have to say this is the BEST diet I have ever been on.. I’ve learned so much in the past 8 weeks and feel FANTASTIC believe it or not.

      Also glad you are integrating the Chin Up Drop Set. Best of luck getting that coveted, sexy V Taper!!

      Thanks for your comment and have a great weekend. Keep us posted on your training and progress 🙂


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