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The KettleBell!

Last week, Nick and I took a trip up to New York City for the KettleBell Concepts Level 1 Instructor Certification and the Kettlebell Concepts Galvanized Conference. We had such a fantastic experience, it is really worth sharing.

The Level 1 Instructor Certification spanned two days (Thursday and Friday) where we had both classroom and practical from 9am – 5pm. I used to think “oh a kettlebell, just another tool / specific skill to master” or “anything I can do with a kettlebell, I can do with a dumbbell.” Boy was I wrong and I’ll get into that further down.

Our instructor for the course, Adam Cronin, is a Master Instructor in Kettlebells and based out of South Beach Miami. It was very refreshing to meet a new face in the industry who proved to be so passionate and knowledgable in all areas of fitness and performance. Adam is definitely a great contributor to the fitness industry and Kettlebell Concepts.

It was also a pleasure to meet Lorna Kleidman, a two time world champion in Kettlebells. Lorna is as fit-looking as they come and what’s more impressive is her performance in Kettlebells. To watch her with the Kettlbells looks like pure power movements done with such grace and rhythm. You can check out Lorna’s blog here. She is getting ready to compete again in August – so good luck Lorna!

So Why Learn and Integrate the Kettlebell??

Alongside the classic Olympic type of weightlifting, Kettlebell (KB) training is recognized by the Russians and other Eastern Block countries as an important method for strength-athletic development. Among the obvious Power Movements that are traditional in using the KB (ie: the clean & jerk and snatch) the KB is responsible for training coordination, balance, timing, functional movements, aerobic conditioning, strength and injury prevention. All foundational criteria for making one a better athlete regardless of their particular sport.

In fact, injury prevent is huge in training today. The KB technique “enhances injury prevention mechanisms through 1. Trunk stability and hip dominant movement under dynamic inertial constraints and 2. Rapid, smooth deceleration by distributing forces through entire system” (p.23 KettleBell Concepts, Inc Course Manual)  I found this to be very true as we were taught to cushion the bell like we were catching an egg.

The design of the Kettlebell is also unique to the training. Because of the “U” shaped handle, there is a great amount of rotational inertia which is a result of the KB’s center of mass changing in the swing. In other words, “not only does the KB require greater strength, it also demands a refined coordination of musculature to control it.” (p.37  KettleBell Concepts, Inc Course Manual)

I found that there was a large crossover in everyday activity as well as all athletic performance that we can get from becoming skilled and efficient with the Kettlebells. There is a tremendous amount of other valuable and usable information that Nick and I took away from this course, but I encourage you to find out for yourself!

Saturday, we took classes at the KBC Galvanized Conference – again, very interesting and valuable content. I had the pleasure of listening to David Sandler, of StrengthPro and International Physique Professionals Association, speak a few times. One lecture on “Sports Supplement Strategies to Enhance Performance and Body Composition” and his other lecture on “The Art & Science Behind Looking Great.” I was also able to see Jim Stoppani, head fitness editor for Flex Magazine and Muscle & Fitness. Jim’s presentation was on Workout Nutrition. All presentations were captivating and full of great information. The biggest take away I got from these presentations was the IMPORTANCE of your PRE and POST workout nutrition.

Lastly, a big THANK YOU to David Bluman and David Ganulin for taking such great care of Nick and I. We certainly left NYC and the KBC crowd with a remarkable experience!! I am also very excited to continue mastering my Kettlebell training. It’s such a fun way to train and full of power endurance and grace.

Perhaps one day, I’ll be able to move with the KettleBell like Adam Cronin 🙂   (video to come)