100 Rep Kettlebell Complex for Fat Loss

Ok, I’ve had my Ra-Ra moments, let’s get back to training 🙂

For the last few weeks, my training regimen has been demanding and fun! I wanted to jump-start my fat loss early this season and started with two-a-days right out of the gate. My training weeks have looked something like this:

Monday – a.m. cardio, p.m. lift (A day)
Tuesday – a.m. cardio, p.m. lift (B day)
Wednesday – a.m. cardio, p.m. lift (C day)
Thursday – p.m. cardio
Friday – a.m. cardio, p.m. lift (A day)
Saturday – lift (B day)
Sunday – rest
Monday – repeat week, beginning with C day

I imagine my workouts will change over the next few weeks but so far, the results have been very favorable. I have come down several percentages of body fat already.

My workouts have been structured to get a metabolic response. I still have a strength emphasis (ie: upper body push, upper body pull or lower body) but they are structured to be more total body taxing. I am also moving more quickly through the training session (although they still take me the better part of 50-80 minutes depending on the day).

My dominant muscle groups for the day (ie: pulling) still focus on 3-4 sets of each pulling exercise (ie: BB wide grip bent over row, DB bent over row, pull ups, lat pull down, etc.) They would be paired however with diverting exercises such as core work, lower body movement or the contrast of pushing…although nothing to exceed the challenge of the primary exercise… more for activity, recovery and the efficiency of the workout.

After the strength portion of the workout, I have been wrapping up with different metabolic finishers. I look forward to these the most in the training session. I love the “suffering” as I feel weary out but keep pushing to the finish 🙂

complex is a string of exercises back to back (using the same piece of equipment) without rest until fully finished. One of my favorite complexes at the moment is on my Pulling day. I do a 100 Rep KettleBell Complex x 3 Rounds. Here you go friends, give it a try!!

100 Rep KB Complex
Right side KB swing x 10 reps
Left side KB swing x 10 reps
Right side KB clean x 10 reps
Left side KB clean x 10 reps
Right side KB snatch x 10 reps
Left side KB snatch x 10 reps
Right side KB racked squat x 10 reps
Left side KB racked squat x 10 reps
Right side KB push press x 10 reps
Left side KB push press x 10 reps

I prefer to use a timer so I can keep track of the time it takes me to complete a full round and the time I take to recover. I have been completing the KB 100 Rep Complex in roughly 3 mintutes and rest about 2 minutes.

Perform 3 rounds and you should be feeling pretty smoked at the end of your session with a metabolism that is geared up for burning fat for many hours to come!!

(**weight choice** I’d select a weight you find challenging through the complex. Make sure you are not “arming” the kettlebell and actually using your body for the proper technique. Also be sure not to compromise your form by selecting a weight that is beyond your control)

Final Notes: The KB Complex, like any other complex, can be structured in so many different ways. Have fun making up your own versions. Try all left side, than all right side. Work the complex from the last exercise to the first. Change the exercises all together, change the piece of equipment. You see, the options are endless and up to your creativity.

Have fun! and send feedback!

Alli McKee


15 responses to “100 Rep Kettlebell Complex for Fat Loss

  1. Ooh thanks! Am going to try this tomorrow: I’m in a time pinch and was always going to be limited to a home workout with my KBs. What weigh do you use for this, Alli?

    • My pleasure 🙂 The KB complex sounds like a perfect solution for your training limitations tomorrow! It’s a bit tough for me to suggest exactly what weight you should use.. what KB’s do you have to work with? What do you normally use for your KB exercises? Also see my “weight choice” comment at the bottom of the post.

      Have fun and let me know how it goes!

  2. I’ll be OK choosing my own (I have 2x8kgs, 1x12kg and 1x16kg at home) – I was just asking out of interest 🙂

    I’m thinking of doing some body weight moves between the sets/rounds – push ups, pull ups, jump squats…we’ll see. 🙂

    Happy training Alli

  3. Hey! Love the article. I guess Nic and I would like to know the weight YOU used. Just to give us an idea of where we should start. I have a 25 lb, 35 lb, and 57 lb KB at home. Of course I will not be using the 57 lber. I will probably start with the 25 lbs KB and go from there. Thanks for the great posts!

    • Hey Krissa!

      For that particular complex, I usually use a 25 or 30lb KB because it’s rather high rep towards the end plus at the end of my workout. As I continue into my season of training, I’ll look to make the complex harder in some capacity – whether it’s the rep range, KB weight, series of exercise or cut my rest.. 🙂 All about earning the progression.

      Keep me posted on your experience and have a lovely Thanksgiving!!

      Thanks for posting!

  4. I used my 12kg and 16kg, did rounds of swings and cleans with body weight exercises between rounds. Only 10 minutes but it got the heart pumping and my glutes can feel it now 🙂

    • Nice work! and way to take the idea and tailor it for yourself!!
      p.s. hooray for glutes! …great glutes are the new 6-pack abs! 😉

  5. Hi Alli,

    look’s great –you’re such an inspiration!!
    what type of cardio are you doing in the am?? intervals or steady…

    • Mark,
      SO NICE to hear from you! I hope all is well in all areas of your life! My morning cardio is usually about 30-35 minutes at a relatively easy-moderate pace. Generally, I go outdoors for a run but I’ll ride the Airdyne Bike for a change of movement too. (I save my conditioning and intervals for the end of my strength training sessions)

      Thanks for stopping by! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. OKay, used my 25lb kettlebell and it was exactly where I needed to start with this circuit. Lungs were burning! Did 35 minutes on incline treadmill, got bored, and got out my Gymboss timer and Kettlebell and did 3 rounds of this. Great workout. It took me a little longer than you (3:40) but I was okay with that. I will be using KB circuits much more! Loved it. Thanks!

  7. Hey, Alli

    When you do a upper push and upper pull on back to back days arent you pretty tired? Also when you do those back to back days do you try and not have your diverting exercises be any upper body movements or just keep them lower body?

    • Hi Jeremy,

      I don’t usually put a push day back-to-back with a pull day. Actually, at the present time – I have two upper body days (a horizontal push/pull, a vertical push / pull) as well as two lower body days (quad dominant day and a hip dominant lower body day)… and yes, my upper body is tired after a push / pull day 🙂 At this time, I am not using diverting exercises any more.. when I was using them.. I would still incorporate the upper body some, plus either core or legs, but lightly on the upper body (ie: band work, TRX, YTWL’s, etc. )

      Lastly, in the above sequence (ie: A day, B day, C day) – if A day was push, B day was then legs and C day would be pull…followed by a rest day and then back to A.. so I wasn’t exactly going back to back on the push / pull.

      Hope that helps / makes sense 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read my blog as well as post your thoughts/questions!


  8. Very interesting post. Thanks for the info

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