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Hello 2011!

It’s incredible how quickly 2010 came and went. For me, it was a tremendous year of growth. In recounting the blessings of 2010 – the opportunities I was a part of, the relationships I developed and the further understanding of myself – I am left very excited for the anticipation of 2011!! Including but not limited to, more travel, exciting job opportunities, stronger relationships and the continued journey inward to further understand myself. I am excited to continue creating the life I imagine!


H appiness depends upon your outlook on life.
A ttitude is just as important as ability.
P assion, find yours this year!
P ositive thoughts make everything easier.
Y ou are unique, with special gifts, use them.

N ew beginnings with a new year.
E nthusiasm a true secret of success.
W ishes may they turn into goals.

Y ears go by to quickly, enjoy them.
E nergy may you have lots of it.
A ppreciation of life, don’t take it for granted.
R elax, take the time to relax in this coming year.

The above acronym was passed along by an amazing woman, Erica Porter, who I had the pleasure of meeting during the holidays last year. Erica has a remarkable outlook on life and wonderful presence in person. I’m so grateful to share conversations with her! She has also written a life changing book called Eat That Monkey. You can check out Erica’s book as well as her other work here.

A Quick Arnold Update:

All things are calm, steady and progressive. 🙂  The holidays this year were absolutely wonderful, although, I am happy to have crossed the finish line of avoiding additional holiday temptation! About two weeks ago, I was measured at 11.5 percent body fat and showing an increase of one pound of lean mass every two weeks. I am now at the mid way point – nine weeks in and nine weeks to go. January 2nd begins Carter’s next “block” of training and focus. Again, I’m very excited for what he has in store for my training, nutrition and supplementation. The Arnold Classic is getting wildly close!! I will be tag teaming the event with my dearest corner woman, Eryn Strickland. Our hotel room is booked, flights are booked and my suit, by Sylvia Tremblay, is in the process of creation!

Motivational Thought

I love quotes and philosophical thought. Although too many great ones to list, I will leave you with a few I have thoroughly appreciated over the last month.

Pushing it to the limit: “On a given day, a given circumstance, you think you have a limit. And you then go for this limit and you touch this limit, and you think, ‘Okay, this is the limit’. And so you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high.” -Ayrton Senna

Excellence Excellence is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.

PassionThere are many things in life that will capture your eye, but very few will capture your heart. These are the ones to pursue. These are the ones worth keeping.

“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.” –Earl Nightingale

Remember this: In both life and training, you get out of it, what you put into it. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and I look forward to sharing 2011 with everyone!! Cheers to creating the job opportunities, your training potential and your personal relationships in 2011 that YOU desire!!


p.s. As I mentioned, I love a great thought, phrase and or quote.. please feel free to share with me some of your favorites. I’ll add them to my bank of motivation!


Progress Report: 6 Weeks In, 12 To Go.

Today begins week six of the Arnold Prep already! It’s crazy how fast time flies. Perhaps because after two years of continuous prep, my training and nutrition feel like a natural part of my day, week and lifestyle.

Over the past 5 weeks, my body composition has changed tremendously which puts me in a very good position for the next 12 weeks of prep. As mentioned in previous posts, my initial training focus was to rev up my metabolism and reduce body fat. I recently had my body composition taken and am currently at 13% body fat while managing to gain a little lean mass in the process – operation complete!

I’d like to thank Nick Tumminello for his training guidance to date. Nick certainly contributed to the successful progression of my physique as a Figure Athlete and in my journey to compete at the Arnold Classic.

For the remainder of this prep, the architect behind my last show’s nutrition and supplementation, Carter Schoffer of Body Transformation & Precision Nutrition, will be taking over the exercise design reins as well. Carter has proven to be extremely bright, very comprehensive, well organized and supportive. He has my full trust in the process of taking the Arnold stage.

Through March, I have three more planned training blocks. Over the next four weeks, his goal (and my dedication) are to shift into shaping and sculpting my physique via strategic lean mass development. Followed by a more targeted fat loss phase and finishing up with a refinement or finishing phase. Our main goal throughout is of course, per Carter, “overall body comp optimization for Arnold dominance.” 😀

I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks as I shift from the metabolic work to this next phase. Although I love the metabolic training, it’ll be a fun change of pace to truly resistance train. As Carter has instructed me, “please note, I want you to treat the resistance training as exactly that – resistance training – not “cardio with weights.” So lift as heavy as you can and worry about your muscles, not your heart rate, how hard you’re breathing or how much you’re sweating.”

Friends, it’s time to get LIFTING! 😀

More on training to come.