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Create your own Tire Sled with the TRX!

As you all probably know (and can see from the picture at the top of my blog), sled work is one of my favorite training challenges. There are numerous ways to structure your sled training and regardless, it’s a great method for strength and conditioning. Among many other benefits, sled training promotes great body mechanics, it is easy to learn, joint friendly and downright fun in completing especially with a partner or group.

This blog post comes from an Ah-Ha moment I had last week while spending the day with Cassidy Phillips, owner of Trigger Point Therapy. Cassidy is an incredibly smart and neat guy. I had the pleasure of learning Cassidy’s TP Therapy system, which I will share the great learning experience with you, in a future blog post (be sure to check out his link however for an inside look at both Cassidy and his company). Before his presentation, Cassidy shadowed one of my training sessions. I wanted to create a tire sled at one of my facilities and had brought a few pieces of equipment to see how handy I could be in hooking this up. In conversation before the session, Cassidy suggested the easy addition of the TRX to create the tire sled – brilliant!! 🙂

Today, just about all of us have access to a TRX and now we have one more terrific use for it in addition to all the other great exercises that can be derived from the tool. With the TRX hooked up the tire, you have a durable set of handles and you can change the length of the arm. All you need now is a tire and wa-lah, you have a tire sled!! (Again, fitness anywhere 🙂 )

If you don’t have a tire, you can find one at a tire junk yard. Wash it down, hook up your TRX as seen below, find a debris free straight away and have at it!

As you can see from the left, we could hook the TRX right around the tire, but opted for an additional piece to prevent the TRX from wearing down with friction.

Comments, questions, concerns… please send!

Other fun news – Alli’s Road to Dallas continues both literally and figuratively. In just 5 short weeks, I’ll be headed to my own Super Bowl at the Arnold Classic and tomorrow, I am actually headed to Dallas, TX with Under Armour to work at the NFL Super Bowl Experience. It should be a great time and I look forward to recapping the experience and event to you all!

I hope the TRX Tire Sled works out for you. Haaaave fun!!