Alli’s Road to Dallas and Columbus!

This past Monday, I returned home from Dallas, TX where I was working the NFL Experience with Under Armour. Needless to say, it was an incredible time. The environment and activities were so much fun to be a part of, but above all, it was the team I was with that made the trip! Thank you so much to Jamie, Chris W, J. Parker, Big E, Dash, Coach Cox, DJ, George, Chris H, Jordan, Ryan, Shana, Patty and Xan for making the trip so fun and memorable! It was a pleasure to work with you all and I really look forward to crossing paths again and working together in the future. 

A few photos to recap the event:

When I returned home, the final phase of my training and nutrition / supplementation for the Arnold Classic was waiting in my inbox. Within my program was the following commentary from my Coach, Carter Schoffer
“You, miss, have done a phenomenal job in and out of the gym & kitchen these last few weeks. You’re in stunning shape and your physique is dialling in very nicely.
Having said that, no rest for the wicked or for those in wicked shape. It’s 4th quarter, time to the win the game mode from now to the stage. You’re a machine from here on in. Eat, sleep, dream, think, talk, act, BE figure.”
Carter always has the appropriate things to say and a great way of communicating them. This time was no exception. We are officially in the final weeks counting down to the stage. This is a phase that not only dials in the nutrition, but also a time to ramp up the activity (just when I thought we were close to the max!). I must say, for the first time during this prep – it’s tough!!! I can feel it in my energy levels but my heart and committment to excellence are combating the fatigue. At times the final phase seems daunting, so I follow through one day at a time and it’s certainly manageable.
Since returning from the NFL experience and with the Super Bowl tomorrow, I relate my seasons challenges in the Arnold prep to football. I have certainly taken a few hits this show season (as we all do) and although it’s been challenging in some respects, it’s been an extremely rewarding process at the same time. Every hit that comes my way, as I make my run to the end zone, seems less and less problematic.
Each time I got tackled, I got up faster (I am more resilient).
Then, the hits that came my way, may have hit hard but I no longer fell down. In fact, I stiff armed a few and kept charging forward (I am stronger).
Until finally, I dodge the tackles all together and have a clear line to the end zone. (I am smarter).
So despite a few challenges and heavy hits, I have become a stronger and more resilient player in the game. Also smarter for future plays.

We are three and a half weeks out.. with a lot of diet and training between now and the stage 🙂 Next week I hope to post a few videos of some of my new favorite training combinations. You can also find my day-to-day progress on twitter @AlliMcKeeFit. Stay tuned and always look for the blessing in the challenge…You may not get what you “want” but you’ll receive everything you “need” …an opportunity to become more resilient, resourceful, stronger and smarter!


2 responses to “Alli’s Road to Dallas and Columbus!

  1. “Winners are self-motivated. They don’t wait for someone else to raise the bar. They raise it themselves.”

    Sounds like you are doing a great job. You do the work, and I’ll try to help with the motivation.

    “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”
    Winston Churchill

    • Hi Mike,

      You are speaking my language!! Thanks so much for dropping by and for the great quotes! I really like both 🙂

      Keep the motivational thoughts coming and I’ll keep working hard!


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