One of the best things you can introduce me to is new music. I’m always on the hunt for new tunes and enjoy the great finds as much as I do the latest and greatest exercise variations or program design “ah ha” moments.

Just the other day, I was introduced to Girl Talk. When I was handed a cd with “Girl Talk” written on it, I thought, ‘I don’t know if this is my style’ – but because of the WONDERFUL source who provided me with this album ;), I knew it was worth a listening and I would probably love it…and I did!

Gregg Michael Gillis, better known by his stage name Girl Talk, is an American musician specializing in mashups and digital sampling. Gillis has released five LPs on the record label Illegal Art.

I have recently acquired his third, fourth and fifth (most recent) albums and they are fueling my cardio workouts lately. Girl Talk mixes are essentially old school or rock beats that we recognize with current hip hop layered on top. These are seamless albums that blend one song from the next every 20 or 30 seconds. Guys, this is NOT just for the ladies listening pleasure 🙂 – you will dig it too!. Also great mixes for partying / entertaining!

Below are a few tracks from his latest album “All Day” – I couldn’t embed them into this blog post, but the links will take you to YouTube 🙂

Track 1: Oh No
Track 2: Let it Out
Track 3: That’s Right
Track 4: Jump On Stage

You can find the latest Girl Talk album here. Also, in doing some digging, I looked up the Illegal Art website and it’s a GREAT site where you can download Girl Talk as well as other DJ’s / artists on the label. Girl Talk’s third and fourth albums – Night Ripper and Feed the Animals – can be found on this site.

Illegal Art is a website where you can add the album(s) to your shopping cart and then simply pay a price of your choosing for checkout.. basically it’s a donation. I did this personally and was taken to paypal, made my payment of choice and was then sent a link via email that took me to my downloads. It was simple, trusted and awesome!

Just thought I would share the GOLD I found! I certainly enjoy some harder music from time to time when I lift.. but I LOVE a good beat, remix or mash up when I am doing my cardio and nothing beats new music when I am gearing up for another prep! (Thank you Mr. Sams!!!)

Enjoy!!! 😀


2 responses to “DON’T MISS GIRL TALK!!

  1. One of my clients just gave me a Girl Talk CD the other day!! I did enjoy it.
    If you like that you NEED to check out:

    It is a great mashup site. All the songs are free. There are some amazing mixes. Some great workout songs and just some fun song mashups that make you go Wow or huh. But fun stuff!

    • Hey Kara,

      Awesome! Thanks for sending that link…mashups are fun variations and even better when they’re free! I already downloaded a few 😉

      Thanks so much for sharing the music / link with me and anyone else reading this blog!

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