Bon Voyage Little Pinky

Welcome! I am filled with extra excitment today because my vacation has arrived! Nick and I are off to a WONDERFUL trip tomorrow which kicks off in Venice (Muscle) Beach, CA and continues with a 7 night cruise setting sail out of LA and down to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

This week has been jam-packed in all areas! On top of all things, I also fractured my pinky on my left hand, but nothing to lose sleep over. In fact, makes me feel more determined to plow through any hicups that come into this season. Unfortunately, injuries are included in the nature of the beast while training for any sport!! Some require more caution and care than others, but it’s how we respond to them mentally that weighs equally or more. Are you going to let it sideline you or are you going to find ways to work around it and stay the course?

In the meantime, I am making sure my diet is tight, continuing with my cardio and finding various ways to continue challenging my muscles. Leg workouts since my left hand has become limited have consisted of more single leg work, higher volume exercises, wearing a weight vest for additional load and still the tried and trusted tire drags (wearing a harness of course). Upper body still remains a little trickier until I have better use of my left hand and grip, but it’s coming along quicker than expected and we can still get the job done and done well!!

Stay tuned for my return. For the past two weeks, Nick and I have been working on an undulating program to work all muscle fibers. After we return from our trip, I will be posting more regarding my actual workout program and individual sessions as I get further into the thick of FIT to FIGURE!

Have a great week and play with passion! Passion breeds enthusiasm and enthusiasm develops a positive energy. A positive energy attracts success!


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